Sarah Silk and Louise Silk of SilkDenimHello. We are Louise and Sarah Silk, mother and daughter. Inspired by our passion for fiber art and fabrics with history, we started SilkDenim to create pieces that are artistic, inventive, & easy-to-wear. Our aesthetic ranges from utilitarian and tough to upscale and creative. The garments, bags, and quilts transgress typical fashion boundaries by inviting imperfection, practicality, big playful shapes, small-scale production, and sustainability all in one.

As a happy result of their durability & everyday function, jeans have the unique ability to improve with age, literally marking the memories of life on fabric. We search for already loved fabrics not only to save the environment of excess material, but also because we’re drawn to their individual wabi-sabi aesthetic, seeking out imperfections, fading, and holes for their interest and depth.

Using recycled material requires us to design each and every individual garment anew, providing you with an item that is the only one in existence. You also have the option to further personalize an item by having it made from your own jeans. If you’re the kind of person who hates retiring a good pair of jeans or who loves collecting but can’t wear it all, this is the option for you. See our My SilkDenim page for more info.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is our home and birthplace. We appreciate its down-to-earth, independent, & working-town vibe and hope that comes through in our pieces.